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Abid Ali Abid

Born in September 17, 1906 / Died in January 20, 1971 / India / Urdu

Abid Ali Abid poet from India was born on September 17, 1906, had 64 years and died on January 20, 1971. Poems were written mainly in Urdu language. Dominant movement is other.


Syed Abid Ali Abid (Urdu: ??? ???? ??? ????), M.A., L.L.B. , Urdu and Persian, poet, former principal Dyal Singh College, Lahore, Pakistan was born on 17 September 1906 at Dera Ismail Khan, British India and died in Lahore, Pakistan on 20 January 1971.


He was well known for his literary criticism and had hundreds of students, many of them now themselves poets and writers. He wrote many books on literary criticism in Urdu and Persian. He also initiated and edited several literary journals, one of which is Sahifa-Lahore. He also was one of the initial drama writers and feature writers at the newly established Radio Pakistan Lahore in the late 1940s and 1950s. He was one of the story and dialogue writers of the first sound film (talking film) of the Punjab Heer Ranjha (1931). He survived 3 heart attacks but succumbed to the 4th.


He had 3 more brothers besides him,as well as 4 sisters.The brothers were Farzand Ali, Jawad Haider Nackvi and Mehmood Haider. The sisters were Zara, Mehmooda, Syeda and the youngest amongst all siblings was Shamim. One of his daughters, Shabnam Shakeel followed the footsteps of her father, and is a famous poetess, currently based in Islamabad.His only son Syed Menoo Chehr served as Secretary to Government of the Punjab in various departments as well as Chief settlement Commissioner,Punjab and was retired as Member Board of Revenue,Punjab and is also the author of two books titled "Mere Shab-o-Roz" and "karwan-e-Guzran".His two more books are in the process of publication .A novel titled "azmaish dil-o-nazar ki" and collection of short stories "roop behroop".He is also writing pen sketches of pominent personalities and his close friends..He practises as lawyer high cout. ..