The Silence In The Church

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(No. 1.)

O Holy Spirit, we entreat,
 Send down Thy quickening fire;
Let Thine own presence, dread and sweet,
 These waiting hearts in spire.

In every thought and word and deed,
 Breathe Thou the breath of life-
The fulness of the grace they need
 For their appointed strife.

Help them to hold, in clasp of prayer,
 The rod and staff of God;
And lead them safely, surely, where
 The Christ Himself hath trod.

Give power to speak Thy message, Lord,
 To every feeble voice;
May they the true seed cast abroad
 Till desert wastes rejoice.

Make strong the toiling hearts and hands,
 Keep watching eyes from sleep,
That golden harvests crown the lands
 When angels come to reap.

(No. 2.)

Pour now, O lord, all gifts of grace
From Thy most holy dwelling-place;
And let the living flame be shed
On each disciple's bended head.

Light up his soul with light divine,-
A star of heaven on earth to shine,
A beacon on life's stormy sea,
To guide the wandering bark to Thee.

Lord, clothe him now in white complete,
In Thine own spirit, pure and sweet;
Let him go forth to labour well,
In truth and strength invincible.

May his calm lips, that whisper now
The yearning prayer, the solemn vow,
Be ready, in the judgment-day,
The faithful servant's words to say-

"Lord, I have tried, in faithful strife,
To win Thy lambs to light and life;
Lord, I have truly kept for Thee
The awful charge Thou gavest me."

© Ada Cambridge