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  I hold him great who, for Love's sake,
  Can give with generous, earnest will;
  Yet he who takes for Love's sweet sake
  I think I hold more generous still.

  I bow before the noble mind
  That freely some great wrong forgives;
  Yet nobler is the one forgiven,
  Who bears that burden well and lives.

  It may be hard to gain, and still
  To keep a lowly, steadfast heart;
  Yet he who loses has to fill
  A harder and a truer part.

  Glorious it is to wear the crown
  Of a deserved and pure success;
  He who knows how to fail has won
  A crown whose luster is not less.

  Great may he be who can command
  And rule with just and tender sway;
  Yet is Diviner wisdom taught
  Better by him who can obey.

  Blessed are those who die for God,
  And earn the martyr's crown of light;
  Yet he who lives for God may be
  A greater conqueror in his sight.

© Adelaide Anne Procter