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Born in 525 BC / Died in 455 BC / Greece / Greek

Quotes by Aeschylus

What good is it to live a life that brings pains?
It is best for the wise man not to seem wise.
In the lack of judgment great harm arises, but one vote cast can set right a house.
It is good even for old men to learn wisdom.
Destiny waits alike for the free man as well as for him enslaved by another's might.
It is always in season for old men to learn.
The man whose authority is recent is always stern.
The man who does ill must suffer ill.
Whoever is new to power is always harsh.
To mourn and bewail your ill-fortune, when you will gain a tear from those who listen, this is worth the trouble.
We must pronounce him fortunate who has ended his life in fair prosperity.
God lends a helping hand to the man who tries hard.
It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.
For the impious act begets more after it, like to the parent stock.
For somehow this disease inheres in tyranny, never to trust one's friends.
For the poison of hatred seated near the heart doubles the burden for the one who suffers the disease; he is burdened with his own sorrow, and groans on seeing another's happiness.
For hostile word let hostile word be paid.
For know that no one is free, except Zeus.
He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.
God always strives together with those who strive.
The one knowing what is profitable, and not the man knowing many things, is wise.
For this is the mark of a wise and upright man, not to rail against the gods in misfortune.
The evils of mortals are manifold; nowhere is trouble of the same wing seen.
Know not to revere human things too much.
He who goes unenvied shall not be admired.