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Born in 1865 / Died in 1936 / Austria / English


Agnes Storrie's father, James Storrie, was an accountant who arrived in Adelaide from Scotland in 1849, and lived in Mosely St, Glenelg. In 1856 he married Agnes Tassie, who had also been born in Glasgow. They had ten children, Agnes Louisa being their sixth. Storrie lived a major part of her life at Glenelg, and was among those who inaugurated the Congregational Church at Glenelg.

Storrie wrote short stories under the name of 'Senga', and ran a newspaper column, 'Home Topics' in Dalgety's Review (1907). She also wrote for the Adelaide Observer, the Australasian, the Register, the Sydney Morning Herald (e.g. 22 April 1908) and the Sydney Mail (e.g. 3 May 1906). Storrie was also a diarist, and her diaries are now held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney. It was said that Storrie wrote her poetry while humming a tune to them. She was a founding member of the Society of Women Writers.

Storrie won the Minister of Education's Prize for Grapes From a Thorn. She was one of those responsible for founding the Wattle Day League in 1909, celebrating 'Wattle Day' on 1 September, and had the acacia kettlewelliae named after her. Storrie married the publisher John Kettlewell, and settled in Hunters Hill, Sydney. They had three children, one of whom, Rhoda, became a journalist, and was social editor of the Women's Weekly.