“Flower O’ The Peach”

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When I came down Toowoomba streets,
The evening air was full of sweets,
Of Springtime odours vague and faint,
As fragrance of some unseen saint.
Black against a sky of flame,
Rose the great bulk of ‘Holy Name’
And I stirred beyond all speech,
“Flower O’ the Peach”

For, down the blossom-haunted ways
You came – the dream of all my days,
The tender budded trees o’erhead
Their giant branches softly spread,
Your smile was faint, and soft and shy
Like the far-off, pale Springtime sky,
A wayward blossom – out of reach,
“Flower O’ the Peach”

The polo ponies clattered down
The bustling streets-the dear old town
Brimful of youth gaiety
Of love and laughter seemed to be,
But you unheeded went your way,
Your maiden thoughts seemed far astray,
Too far for lover’s sight to reach,
“Flower O’ the Peach”.

The lights flash out of shop and mart,
Toowoomba town, you have my heart!
And she, elusive wild and free,
She has the very soul of me.
My gypsy questings ended now
To her sweet slavery I bow
And she shall teach me all Love’s speech,
“Flower O’ the Peach”

© Alice Guerin Crist