Who Runs America?

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Oil brown smog over Denver
Oil red dung colored smoke
level to level across the horizon

blue tainted sky above
Oil car smog gasoline
hazing red Denver's day

December bare trees

sticking up from housetop streets

Plane lands rumbling, planes rise over

radar wheels, black smoke

drifts from tailfins

Oil millions of cars speeding the cracked plains
Oil from Texas, Bahrein, Venezuela Mexico
Oil that turns General Motors

revs up Ford
lights up General Electric, oil that crackles

thru International Business Machine computers,

charges dynamos for ITT
sparks Western

runs thru Amer Telephone & Telegraph wires

Oil that flows thru Exxon New Jersey hoses,
rings in Mobil gas tank cranks, rumbles

Chrysler engines

shoots thru Texaco pipelines

blackens ocean from broken Gulf tankers
spills onto Santa Barbara beaches from

Standard of California derricks offshore.

© Allen Ginsberg