The Angel's Kiss

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WHEN darkness slowly fades from earth away,
And dawning shades are turning rosy gray,
An angel comes, and softly stooping low
Leaves on our lips a kiss, a blessed kiss,
Filled with protecting peace and heavenly bliss,
Which means, 'I guard you and I love you so.'

If we could drive away all woe and strife,
And thoughts of wicked things that crowd this life,
We should awake and that pure presence bless.
But, ah! our eyes are sealed in slumber deep;
The angel rouses not our soul from sleep,
And we dream on and lose that sweet caress.

I cannot feel the tender touch divine,—
Good wars with ill within this heart of mine—
But all through life my hope, my prayer, is this:
That when my night on earth has passed away,
I may behold soft lights of dawning day,
And wake at last to feel the angel's kiss.

© Alma Frances McCollum