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Ameer Minai

Born in 1826 / Died in October 13, 1900 / India / Urdu

Ameer Minai poet from India was born in 1826, had 74 years and died on October 13, 1900. Poems were written mainly in Urdu language. Dominant movement is theology.


Ameer Ahmed, Ameer Minai (Urdu: ???? ???? ?? ), an Urdu poet of eminence. A popular poet both with the people and the aristocracy, he was held in high esteem by his contemporary poets like Ghalib and Daagh Dehalvi.

Amir Meenai's famous gazal has been sung in a film starred by Rishi Kapoor and Tina Munim. The gazal is 'sarakati jayey hai rukh se nakab ahista, ahista...

Maratul Ghaib is the first collection of poetry by the poet. Meenai Sukhun is another Diwan (collection of poetry) by poet. Another famous gazal of poet is " Haalaat Maikade Ke Karwat Badal Rahe Hain "

Personal Details

Born in 1829 in Lucknow into a family of religious scholars, Ameer was educated at Farangi Mahal, Lucknow`s educational institute. He joined the royal court of Awadh (Oudh) but after the 1857 war of independence, he was invited to join the royal court of Rampur where he lived for the rest of his life until 1900 when he decided to go to Hyderabad Deccan to seek some help for the publication of the remaining volumes of Ameer-ul-Lughaat ? but that was not to be and he died there on October 13 ,1900.

Ameer Ahmed Ameer Meenai was a poet of Urdu and Persian .He is also known as a lexicographer, Sufi, scholar, editor, prose writer, translator, and connoisseur of language. He had studied logic, law, geography, mathematics, medicine, history, religion, music, philosophy and wrote some 50 books in Urdu and Persian.He is also known as having a master of astrology, `ramal`, and `jafar`, the arts of foretelling the future, and wrote two books on them. However many of his books are not be published. Ameer helped popularise the naat genre in Urdu poetry and the popularity of his naats proved to be a trend-setter among other poets.

Among his creation was `Ameer-ul-Lughaat`, an Urdu-Urdu dictionary that he intended to compile in eight volumes but it had never been complied and only two volumes came out in 1891 and 1892 respectively .Due to reasons that include ill health and a fire that devoured his library and manuscripts he was not able to finish all volumes .It is never concluded exactly how many volumes exist and only the third volume manuscript was found and is treasured by Ameer Meenai`s grandson Israel Meenai who intends to get it published soon.

Israel Ahmed Meenai who had published a few years ago `Miraat-ul-ghaib` and `Sanam khana-i-ishq`, the two collections of Ameer`s poetry. Now he has come up with two important books of Ameer`s, published in one volume. One is an account of Muhammad's early life written in prose. Titled `Khayaban-i-Aafrinish`, it describes Muhammad`s life and is based on authentic sources. The other is `Mahaamid-i-Khatamun Nabiyeen`, the collection of Ameer`s naat poetry.

Mutala e Amir published in 1963 from Lucknow written by Abu Muhammad Sahar is an important work done on the life and literary works of Ameer Meenai. ..