An A B C, for Baby Patriots

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A is the Army That dies for the Queen;It's the very best Army That ever was seen,

B stands for Battles By which England's nameHas for ever been covered With glory and fame.

C is for Colonies. Rightly we boast,That of all the great nations Great Britain has most.

D is the Daring We show on the FieldWhich makes every enemy Vanish or yield.

E is our Empire Where sun never sets;The larger we make it The bigger it gets.

F is the flag Which wherever you seeYou know that beneath it Your're happy and free.

G is the Game We preserve with such careTo shoot, as it gracefully Flies through the air.

H is for Hunting, For this you've a box,A thoro bred Hunter, Some hounds and a fox.

I is for India, Our land in the EastWhere everyone goes To shoot tigers, and feast.

J's for our Judges Who sit in a rowAnd send folks to prison When naughty you know!

K is for Kings; Once warlike and haughty,Great Britain subdued them Because they'd been naughty.

L is the Lion Who fights for the CrownHis smile when he's worried Is changed to a frown.

M is for Magnates So great and so good,They sit on gold chairs And eat Turtle for food.

N is the Navy We keep at Spithead,It's a sight that makes foreigners Wish they were dead.

O is the Ocean Where none but a foolWould ever dare question Our title to rule.

P is our Parliment, Commons and Peers,They will talk if permitted For months -- nay for years.

Q is our Queen! It fills us with prideTo see the Queen's coach When the Queen is inside!

R's the Roast Beef That has made England great;You see it here pictured Each piece on a plate.

S is for Scotland The home of the Scot!It's wetter than England And isn't so hot.

T is the Tub That an Englishman takesAs a matter of course Just as soon as he wakes.

U is our Unicorn, Such a nice beastHis home is here now Though he comes from the East.

V's Volunteers Who can shoot very straight;They are drilled now and then Between seven and eight.

W is the Word Of an Englishman true;When given, it means What he says, he will do.

X as a rule means The London PoliceWho are paid by the Country For keeping the peace.

Y is for youngsters Gilded and gay,The newspapers call them The ."Jeunesse dorée.."

Z is the Zeal Which is everywhere seenWhen a family practices ."God Save the Queen.."

© Ames Mary Frances Leslie