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Born in November 9, 1928 / Died in October 4, 1974 / United States / English


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  • To Bedlam and Part Way Back, Houghton, 1960.
  • All My Pretty Ones (also see below), Houghton, 1962.
  • Selected Poems, Oxford University Press, 1964.
  • Live or Die (also see below), Houghton, 1966.
  • (With Thomas Kinsella and Douglas Livingstone) Poems, Oxford University Press, 1968.
  • Love Poems (also see below), Houghton, 1969.
  • Transformations, Houghton, 1971.
  • The Book of Folly, Houghton, 1972.
  • O Ye Tongues, Rainbow Press, 1973.
  • The Death Notebooks, Houghton, 1974.
  • The Awful Rowing toward God, Houghton, 1975.
  • 45 Mercy Street (published posthumously) 1976.
  • The Heart of Anne Sexton's Poetry (contains All My Pretty Ones, Live or Die, and Love Poems), three volumes, Houghton, 1977.
  • Words for Dr. Y: Uncollected Poems with Three Stories, edited by L. G. Sexton, Houghton, 1978.
  • Complete Poems, 1981, Houghton, 1981.
  • Selected Poems of Anne Sexton, edited by Diane W. Middlebrook and Diana H. George, Houghton, 1988.
  • Love Poems of Anne Sexton, introduction by Middlebrook, Houghton, 1989.
  • (With Maxine W. Kumin) Eggs of Things (juvenile), Putnam, 1963.
  • (With Kumin) More Eggs of Things (juvenile), Putnam, 1964.
  • Mercy Street (play; first produced Off-Broadway at American Place Theatre, October 11, 1969)
  • (With Kumin) Joey and the Birthday Present (juvenile), McGraw, 1971.
  • (With Kumin) The Wizard's Tears (juvenile), McGraw, 1975.
  • Anne Sexton: A Self Portrait in Letters (correspondence), edited by L. G. Sexton and Lois Ames, Houghton, 1977.
  • No Evil Star: Selected Essays, Interviews, and Prose, edited by Steven E. Colburn, University of Michigan Press, 1985.
Poems represented in numerous anthologies. Contributor to many magazines, including Harper's, New Yorker, Partisan Review, Saturday Review, and Nation.