Knees up, Mother Brown

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Version I1.2Knees up, Mother Brown.1.3Come along, dearie, let it go,1.4Ee-I-Ee-I-Ee-I-O.1.5It's your blooming birthday,1.6Let's wake up all the town,1.7So, knees up, knees up,1.8Don't get the breeze up,1.9Knees up, Mother Brown.

Version II2.2Knees up, Mother Brown,2.3Under the table you must go,2.4E-i, E-i, E-i-o.2.5If I catch you standing,2.6I'll saw your legs right off,2.7Knees up, knees up,2.8Don't get the breeze up,2.9Knees up Mother Brown.

2.10Knees up, Mother Brown,2.11Knees up, Mother Brown,2.12Under the table you must go,2.13E-i, E-i, E-i-o.2.14If I catch you bending2.15I'll pull your drawers right off2.16Knees up, knees up,2.17Don't get the breeze up,2.18Knees up Mother Brown.

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