Summe Men Sayon that Y am Blac

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Summe men sayon that Y am blac. Yt ys a colour for my prow.Ther Y loue ther ys no lac. Y may not be so wyte as thou.

Blac ys a colur that ys god, So say Y and many mo.Blac ys my hat, blac ys my hod, Blac ys al that longet ther to.

Blac wol do as God a nede As the wyte at bord and bedde,And ther to also treu in dede And ther to Y ley my lyf to wedde.

Wynd and watur may steyne the wyte. Y wys the blac yt may not so.Ther yse the blac ys al my delyte. Y am yholde be schyle ther to.

Peper wyt oute yt ys wel blac. Y wys wyt inne yt ys not so.Lat go the colur and take the smac. Thys Y sey by me and mo.

God saue ale hem that buth broune, For they buth trew as any stel.God kepe hem bothe in feld and toune And thanne schal Y be kept ful wel.

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