The Graybacks So Tenderly Clinging

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There were companions on the march, as every soldier found,
With ceaseless zeal in digging deep in every spot around,
And though each hero killed a lot, still thousands more abound,
  The graybacks so tenderly clinging.

CHORUS: O! ho! no! no! we never can forget.
Ow-ow! ow-ow! we almost feel them yet;
The busy little grayback teeth in us so firmly set,
  Who went with us Marching Through Georgia.

The visitors were never big, in fact were very small.
In silence they put in their work, no sound they made at all;
They thought it was full fun enough to hear the comrades bawl
  While graybacks were busily biting.-CHORUS

And never partial were those bugs, no mortal would they spare,
No dignity could keep them off, they just bit everywhere,
And generals could not deny but what each had a share
  Of graybacks so constantly nibbling.-CHORUS

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