The Masque of B-ll--l

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First come I. My name is J-W-TT.There's no knowledge but I know it.I am Master of this College,What I don't know isn't knowledge.


STR-CH-N D-V-DS-N am I, the leanUnbuttoned, cigaretted Dean,Brother numismatists, you see aHistorian in a Dahabeeah.

T. K. C.

I am CH-YNE: I confessThat I love a deaconess;I can wed without misgivingNow I've got a college living.

R. L. N.

Roughly, so to say, you know,I am N-TTL-SH-P or so;You are gated after Hall,That's all. I mean that's nearly all.

R. G. T.Here am I, the often sat onDancing don; my name is T-TT-N;Like old wine in a new bottleIs my talk on Aristotle.

W. H. F.

O, I say, I once was F-RB-S,Now the Master me absorbs,Me and many other me'sIn his great Thucydides.

E. A.

I am ABB-TT: where I goMy man Tom must go also,He on foot, I in my chair;But that's neither here nor there.

A. C. B.

I'm BR-DL-Y, and I bury deep`A secret that no man can keep.'If you won't let the Master know it,Or F-RB-S, I'll tell you, -- I'm a poet.

F. DE P.

What an oddity am I,Little cynic P-R-VI,Virgil I can shrilly renderCock-a-hoop upon the fender.

TUTORS AND LECTURERS Not on the Foundation

A. L. S. I am little SM-TH, who glancesOn disorganized finances;Who'd have looked for so much vigourIn so very small a figure?

A. T.

What finance and trade and coin beLearn of me, for I am Toynbee:GR--N and I our faith have plightedTo a sepulchre re-whited.

A. J. G.

GR-H-ME am I, so calm, so bright,The scholar's peer, the don's delight.

`I have developed no defectOf either' but their grace elect.

C. A. J.

I am Truthful J-M-S, whose bentEyebrows look astonishment;J-M-S and eyebrows you may sever;J-M-S and anecdotage never.

P. E. M.Upright and shrewd, more woo'd of fameThan wooing, M-TH-S-N'S my name;I'm not what you would call intense,But I've uncommon common sense.

J. A. H.

I am H-M-LT-N; my missionIs to be a politician;Judicious love of Art refinesThe paragon of Philistines.

A. J. F. A.

I'm AD-MS, once a Wesleyan,By G-D'S just wrath a Balliol man;I'd rather dig the ground in dolourThan be a mathematical scholar.


From D-wks and Ch-tty at my tailYou'll syllogize that I'm M-CK-L;In all I do I score always,In all I say -- à l'écossaise.


I am C-MM-NG. I inveigleEveryone to talk of Hegel;Mr. Ruskin would have sobbed onSeeing the motto of my Cobden.

(Jenkyns)F. C. M.

Old tips come out as good as newFrom me, for I am M-NT-GUE;With head aslant I softly cramThe world into an epigram.

(Open)H. C. C. M.

An anti-everything-you-list,Insipid epigrammatist,Of eccentricity I'm proud,A human artichoke, M-CL--D.

C. A. S. R.

Can story-telling be a viceWhen you've an uncle like SPR-NG R-CE?My versatility is suchNone likes me little, or knows me much.

H. C. B.

I am the apostle B--CH-NG,Busby and Burne-Jones my teaching;I write poems; but one saithMy poems are a form of death.

L. H.

I am H--L-Y, blond and merry,Fond of jokes and laughter, very:If I laughed at what was witty,I should laugh less, which were pity.

(Minor)J. M. M.

Red my head, and blue my tie,Soft my speech, for I'm M-CK-Y;Aphrodeety may be dead,But we've N-CH-LS-N instead.

G. H. B.

Like the gurgling brook that patters byFlows my speech, for I am B-TT-RSBY;Never swan nor yet giraffeHad so GRAND a throat by half.

S. L. L.

I am featly-tripping L-E,Learned in modern history,My gown, the wonder of beholdersHangs like a foot-note from my shoulders.


Waifs and strays I, B--LT-N, edit,And my ballads do me credit,I'm in everything that's going,I know everyone worth knowing.

G. N. C.

I am a most superior person, Mary,My name is G--RGE N-TH-N--L C-RZ-N, Mary,I'll make a speech on any political question of the day, Mary,Provided you'll not say me nay, Mary.

B. M.

Spoken jest of STR-CH-Y, shall itNot arouse a smile in M-LL-T?Thro' my eyelids softly peepingLike as one that walketh sleeping.

G.L. S. B.C.

Brothers twain but single-hearted,Not in rhyme shall we be parted,SCL-T-R- B--TH and SCL-T-R- B--TH,Leviathan and Behemoth.

C. E. D.

Positivists ever talk in s-Uch an epic style as D-WK-NS;Creeds are nought and M-N is all,Spell Him with a capital.

L. F. S.

I am L-CY; when I playBliss and D-WK-NS flee away.Art and orthodoxy waitOn my Archbiaconate.

R. W. S.

'Tis not by feeding tea and shrimps onThat you'd become as thin as S-MPS-N:You might by trying to deferSo obstinate a questioner.

A. C. G. D.

I'm GR-NT D-FF, with much misgivingWhether life be worth the living;Yet there's a balm in Gilead, should aFriend be brought to talk of Buddha.

C. J. J.

Out of the way, for I am J-SS-L,You'll find you are the weaker vessel;But as I occupy the groundYou have your choice, so which way round?

J. C. E. B.

I am BR-NS-N; Nature's lawsGovern all things; some first causeMay exist, but I don't know;It's Nature makes my whiskers grow.

J. B. B. N.

Mark the subtle smile that tricklesDown the sphinx-like face of N-CH-LS;My hair is black, my china blue,My Botticellis fifty-two.

A. C.

I am AB-L C-SS-M Khan,In my grave sweet way I scanWestern life. My thoughts would fill aBook if written out. Bismillah.

G. G. R.

Faultless I from brim to sole,Coat and gloves and buttonhole;High-souled Brummel, touched, had wept onSeeing me, for I am R-PT-N.

S. B.

No poor Britisher is nearlyHalf so fine a man as BR-RL-Y;But I cheerfully acknowledgeHarvard's whipped by B-LL--L College.

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