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Born in October 1, 1732 / Died in September 17, 1785 / France / French


Antoine Léonard Thomas, was born in Clermont-Ferrand ( France ) and died in Oullins. He was a French writer.

It worked, first, with a solicitor and later he was professor in the school of Beauvais, in Paris . It began to know itself, like writer, in 1759 by its poem Jumonville, was able to win, for five times, the prize to the eloquence granted by French Academy .

Du composed l' maréchal Éloge of Knows (Praise of the marshal of Knows) (1759); l' Éloge of D' Aguesseau (1760); l' Éloge de Duguay-Trouin (1761); l' Éloge de Sully (1763) and l' Éloge de Descartes (1765). It won, once, the poetry prize by its poem: South Ode him temps (Oda on the time) (1762).

French Academy was member of occupying armchair 30.

It published, later, l' Éloge de Marc-Auréle, its masterpiece; " Test on mujeres" ( South Essai them femmes ) and " Test on elogios" ( South Essai them éloges ).

Of very delicate health, he left education soon and he happened to occupy the position of secretary of the Duke of Praslin, at that time minister of outer subjects, later was appointed secretary-interpreter by the Swiss corners .

He died in 1785 in Oullins, near Lyons, leaving several works posthumous, between which and Pétréide emphasize Lettres (or the czar Pedro Great ), poem that he must have twelve songs, of that only six were finished.

He had, by friendly, to Marmontel, Jacques Delille, Camfort, Ducis, etc.