Song: “How strongly does my passion flow”

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HOW strongly does my passion flow,
Divided equally ’twixt two?
Damon had ne’er subdued my heart,
Had not Alexis took his part;
Nor could Alexis powerful prove,  
Without my Damon’s aid, to gain my love.

When my Alexis present is,
Then I for Damon sigh and mourn;
But when Alexis I do miss,
Damon gains nothing but my scorn.  
But if it chance they both are by,
For both alike I languish, sigh, and die.

Cure then, thou mighty wingèd god,
This restless fever in my blood;
One golden-pointed dart take back:  
But which, O Cupid, wilt thou take?
If Damon’s, all my hopes are crost;
Or that of my Alexis, I am lost.

© Aphra Behn