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Be kind to animals, my child:Don't make the gentle ringworm wild.

Little children shouldn't teaseLittle Fido's littler fleas.

When you see th'industrious antToo heavy burdened toil and pant,

Ease him of his irksome load,Lift it for him down the road.

Don't bite the little worm in halfThat in your lettuce hides-just laugh,

Politely stroke his slimy head,And eat some other things instead.

Speak not harshly to the mothThough she dines on fur and cloth,

Remember everyone must eat,--Why not offer her a treat?-

Cut a large sized bit of furFrom your coat and give it her,

Such unselfishness as thisWill fill your Mother's heart with bliss.

And lastly, pray do not encroachWith heavy tread upon the roach,

The insect's jellified remainsAfflict the rugs with horrid stains.

Be gentle to these fellow creatures,And ever learn to love your teachers.

© Arthur James Marshall Smith