Resurrection of Arp

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On the third day rose Arpout of the black sleeve of the tomb;he could see like a cat in the dark,but the light left him dumb.

He stood up to testify,and his tongue wouldn't workin the old groove; he had to tryother tongues, including the Scandinavian.

The saints were all well pleased;his periods rattled and rolled;heresies scattered like ninepins;all the tickets were sold.

When they turned down the gaseverybody could see there wasa halo of tongues of pale firelicking the grease off his hair,

and a white birdfluttered away in the rafters;people heardthe breaking of a mysterious wind (laughter).

He spoke another languagemajestic beautiful wildholy superlative believableand undefiled

by any comprehensiblesyllableto provoke dissentor found a schism .Àæ

After the gratifyingly largenumber of converts had been given receiptsthe meeting adjourned to the social hallfor sexual intercourse (dancing) and eats.

Arp talked to the reporters:on the whole, was glad to have cheated the tomb,though the angels had been 'extremely courteous',and death, after all, was only 'another room'.

© Arthur James Marshall Smith