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Arunabh Sarkar

Born in May 29, 1941 / Bangladesh / Bangla

Arunabh Sarkar poet from Bangladesh was born on May 29, 1941 has 82 years. Poems were written in Modern age mainly in Bangla language. Dominant movement is other.


Arunabh Sarkar is a Bangladeshi Poet, Columnist, Literary Editor & a Freedom Fighter.

He was born at Mirjapur, Tangail to his father Kshetranat Sarkar and mother Shaila Sarkar. He began his schooling in Tangail, after which he got himself admitted into famous Karatia Saadat College. Later he studied English language and literature in Calcutta University. He started his working career since 1967 as a journalist in Dhaka. This is the period of his creative stimulation as well.

Having his debut in the late 1960s, poet Sarkar has been contributing to contemporary trend of Bengali poetry slowly but steadily in his unique way. His first poetry book ?Nagare Baul? (Mystic in the city) came out in the early 1970s that brought him the name and fame of an accomplished poet with superb command on prosody and poetic diction.

Most of his poems are highly lyrical, terse, pointed and gifted with striking idioms, wits and sarcasm. But he is not a prolific writer like many of his contemporaries, rather a selective one drafting and redrafting all his texts over and over again. Urbanity, mysticism and rootless homelessness are intermingled in almost all his poems. Poet Rafik Azad calls him ?king of lyrics? whereas late poet Abdul Mannan Syed praised him as a lover and a mystic. These are, indeed, significant comments in assessing his poetry since both of them are good friends as well as close observers of his poetic maturity. Unlike many of his overt contemporaries he does not indulge in wild experimentation, rather he has been all along targeting towards achieving a modest metaphor of his kind. His poetry book ?Narira Fere Na? (Women never return) is an example of his distinctive voice and poetic oeuvre. So far he has published ten book-length tiles in prose and poems.

Married to Aziza Sarkar he has two children: Sugata and Mithila.

He has traveled many countries including USA, UK, France and Germany on official invitation from those countries and got the opportunity of exchanging views with the writers and journalists there.

He received the Bangla Academy Award, 2009 for Poetry. Arunabh also received Tangail Sahitya Sangsad Poetry Award for 2007.

He has three collection of Poems : "Nagare Baul" , "Keu Kichhui Jane Na" and "Narira Fere Na".

Sarkar also edited a Poetry Magazine, Eshika from 1969 to 1985.Poet Arunabh Sarkar has been working as a Journalist for some 40 years in Bangladesh. ..