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August Karl Silberstein

Born in July 1, 1827 / Died in March 7, 1900 / Austria / German

August Karl Silberstein poet from Austria was born on July 1, 1827, had 72 years and died on March 7, 1900. Poems were written mainly in German language. Dominant movement is other.


August (Karl) Silberstein, b. Ofen, Budapest (Hungary), July 1, 1827, d. Vienna, March 7, 1900. Journalist, narrative writer and poet. Member of the Academic Legion in 1848, supported the uprisings in his articles, had to leave Austria for this reason. Was sentenced to 5 years in prison after his return in 1854, pardoned after one year in prison. Wrote idealised stories of village life ("Dorfschschwalben aus Österreich", 2 vols., 1862/1963) and was given the epithet "Austrian Auerbach". Published and contributed to popular folk almanacs; important influence on Peter Rosegger.