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Avraham Shlonsky

Born in March 6, 1900 / Died in May 18, 1973 / Russian Federation / Russian

Avraham Shlonsky poet from Russian Federation was born on March 6, 1900, had 73 years and died on May 18, 1973. Poems were written mainly in Russian language. Dominant movement is other.


Avraham Shlonsky (March 6, 1900 – May 18, 1973; Hebrew: ; Russian: ) was a significant and dynamic Israeli poet and editor born in Russian Empire. He was influential in the development of modern Hebrew and its literature in Israel through his many acclaimed translations of literary classics, particularly from Russian, as well as his own original Hebrew children's classics. Known for his humor, Avraham Shlonsky earned the nickname "Lashonsky" from the wisecrackers of his generation (lashon means "tongue", i.e. "language") for his unusually clever and astute innovations in the newly evolving Hebrew language.. Israeli poet and editor