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This is all that we will leave behind -- a line of words and atthe end a little silence, then another word that someone elsemight speak, and speaking speak the only thing that I have given you,and folded it in words that you have given back, this long duetthat is the you and I that we become, a tree that flowers wherewe used to stand, and after flowers apples that begin to fillthe air in autumn light, a tree that is a dream of apples where

the light that fills our eyes when we are in each other's gaze is thatrefulgence that becomes an apple through the turning year, a sunthat hangs so lightly on the branch that just the merest breath might carryit away, the breath the words that cast us up in one embrace,words that made of us the sun and apples and autumnal airs --these are all I had for you, the little world where we arebut are another self that is not ours, asleep inside the light.

© Blodgett E. D.