The Crooked Sixpence

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TAKE then back your foolish token,
Since it cannot change like you;
When I feel my heart is broken,
Shall it still proclaim you true?
When you gave it, you besought me
Never from that pledge to part:
If I am what then you thought me,
You have spurned an honest heart!

When, far hence, the boisterous billows
Rage upon the stormy deep;
And your landsmen press their pillows,
Careless how we sailors sleep:
Think how happy you had made him--
Think how grieved he was to part;--
Who, though harshly you upbraid him,
Loved ye, with an honest heart!

Farewell, Nancy, but if ever
Eyes you love grow gloomy, then,
Oh! remember, though we sever
You have still a friend in Ben.
Yes; dear girl, he'll still defend you;
And some comfort 'twill impart,
Aid of any sort to lend you--
Though you broke an honest heart!

© Caroline Norton