Two Old Kings

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Oh! the King of Kanoodledum
And the King of Kanoodledee,
  They went to sea
  In a jigamaree--
A full-rigged jigamaree.

And one king couldn't steer,
And the other, no more could he;
  So they both upset
  And they both got wet,
As wet as wet could be.

  And one king couldn't swim
And the other, he couldn't, too;
  So they had to float,
  While their empty boat
Danced away o'er the sea so blue.

Then the King of Kanoodledum
He turned a trifle pale,
  And so did he
  Of Kanoodledee,
But they saw a passing sail!

And one king screamed like fun
And the other king screeched like mad,
  And a boat was lowered
  And took them aboard;
And, my! but those kings were glad!

© Carolyn Wells