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Born in October 15, 1874 / Died in October 26, 1961 / India / Hindi


Chandradhar Barua was inspired by literary works of Michael Madhusudan Dutt. He imitated his epic method and blank verse though was unsuccessful.

Chandradhar Barua is remembered for his kavyas like Meghnad badh, Kamrup Jiyari and so on. He is remembered as a satirist. Many of the poems are an attack on orthodoxy. However he makes no attempt to impart moral lessons. He gives a social background some satirical portraits. He was known as a romanticist. His fame rests on his love lyrics. The art and feeling of the poet are better represented in the love lyrics. However it does suffer from some technical flaws. He did not belong to the Jonaki cycle, or to the post-Jonaki era. He stands spiritually and temperamentally apart. His satire is sharp. ..