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Charles-Julien Lioult de Chênedollé

Born in November 4, 1769 / Died in December 2, 1833 / France / French

Charles-Julien Lioult de Chênedollé poet from France was born on November 4, 1769, had 64 years and died on December 2, 1833. Poems were written mainly in French language. Dominant movement is didactical.


Chênedollé, Charles-Julien Lioult de (1769-1833). French writer of didactic and nature poetry (Le Génie de l'homme, 1807; Études poétiques, 1820). An important figure for early French Romantic poets, he has had a merely antiquarian significance for later readers. He was an associate of Constant, Madame de Staël, and Chateaubriand, an acolyte of Rivarol, and lover of Lucile.