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Charles de Villette

Born in December 4, 1736 / Died in July 7, 1793 / France / French

Charles de Villette poet from France was born on December 4, 1736, had 56 years and died on July 7, 1793. Poems were written mainly in French language. Dominant movement is other.


Charles Michel, Marquis de Villette was a French writer and politician.

Charles was born in Paris as the heir of a financier who left him a large fortune and the nobility title of Marquis. After taking part in the Seven Years' War, Villette returned in 1763 to his native city, where he owned an estate in Clermont. The Marquis made many enemies by his perceived lack of manners. Nonetheless, he succeeded in gaining the intimacy of Voltaire, who had known his mother and who wished to turn him into a poet - the aging philosophe is even recorded to have viewed his protégé Villette as "the French Tibullus".

In 1765, Voltaire invited the Marquis to his estate at Ferney. Although Voltaire joked quite freely about the Marquis' illegal attractions to men, he convinced the Marquis to marry Reine Philiberte de Varicourt in 1777. The marriage was unhappy, and his wife was subsequently adopted by Voltaire's niece, Marie Louise Mignot. Both Charles and Philiberte remained devoted to Voltaire, however, and it was at their home in Paris that Voltaire died in 1778. Villette kept Voltaire's heart in an urn.[1]