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On every sidewalk life is occurringwith such flattered crispness for MarinaShe would respond to such accuratephrase She can recognize her rolein embellishing ordinary records Every fatgirl who goes by is rareAll specific other people exercise diligenceEdged thighs also lack of armflab characterize most humans against fluffytrees Foliate nature Designated matrices Marinais every cursed chick with largesoft breasts One ponytail whisks Herparents worked as technicians with CentralTelegraph dispatch at fancy time whencords were plugged by hand Marinawould sit at every vast soundboarddeliberately switching several lines She'd cutoff strangers in each random mannerHer parents remained gentle with herOnce she fell in every wellalso her knees were torn Marinacan bleed purple to bright orange

Fingers of one hand entangle othersas Marina eats each cheese sandwichCrusts are pinched Her mother adoresher picky little eater Marina's mommykisses her cool thin blanched eartipsMarina always thanks family formally Thanksvery much Mom says she Susannanods her chin Good offspring Frederickis usually already at work Hisplate jangles under Marina's when sheslides it into shiny left-hand sinkShe wipes her placemat Susanna nodsagain Take your apple she remindsMarina savours all signifiers Frederick hunkersbehind his desk during lunch Marinaso slim-waisted hovers baleful at tallerhall mirrors Her brother much tooold for any form of surveillancebut Marina wishes she could watchhim shampoo his dog Steinway Mauricedigs culverts on sheep farms irrigatingcarrot fields If Marina could singhis praises aloud she would yodelbesides but she cannot carry roundsof tunes She titters rhythms countersideMarina taps marches from every placethroat becomes gut Clucks old disco

Sidewalks release heat of each hotnoon Boys dressed in blue shirtsopen buttons Every bald fellow checkshis digital camera humming quiet grinsalmost Cheshire Many girls carry rigidstriped bags Marina meets her friendfor Evian Both are tardy Eachconfabulates why More fat girls walkwith awkward propped-up wiggles Teresa lookslike each beauty in bleached whitesleeveless turtleneck with green earrings Marina'snipples perk up In every citytaxis pass like chinooks Air stinks--even young men wear woven hatsFrederick lost one cap per weekSusanna picked up extras at confectionariesfeaturing Chinese imports Frederick would squeezeher shoulder Marina prefers terse controlof each ponytail with its ka-thumpupon her nape She loves Teresa

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