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Christian Falster

Born in 1690 / Died in October 24, 1752 / Denmark / Danish

Christian Falster poet from Denmark was born in 1690, had 62 years and died on October 24, 1752. Poems were written mainly in Danish language. Dominant movement is theology.


Christian Falster was a Danish poet and philologist, born at Branderslev (island of Laaland). He became rector of the school at Ribe. He preferred to live there, refusing to accept better positions, and keeping his rectorship. He published translations of Ovid (1719) and the Satires of Juvenal (1731); 11 original satires on his times, often reprinted (1720–39); and in Latin a number of works, such as Viglia Prima Noctium Ripensiun (1721); Memoriœ Obscurœ (1722); Amœnitates Philologicœ (three volumes, 1821–32).