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Christian Morgenstern

Born in May 6, 1871 / Died in March 31, 1914 / Germany / German

Christian Morgenstern poet from Germany was born on May 6, 1871, had 42 years and died on March 31, 1914. Poems were written mainly in German language. Dominant movement is theology.


Christian Otto Josef Wolfgang Morgenstern (May 6, 1871 in Munich– March 31, 1914 in Meran) was a German author and poet from Munich. Morgenstern married Margareta Gosebruch von Liechtenstern on March 7, 1910. He worked for a while as a journalist in Berlin, but spent much of his life traveling through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, primarily in a vain attempt to recover his health. His travels, though they failed to restore him to health, allowed him to meet many of the foremost literary and philosophical figures of his time in central Europe.. German author and poet