I See Her

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I see her stalking the fashion section of the mall,Her attire and apparel revealing, suggestive.I say see her because that is all I am doing.I stare, without ogling her, without knowing her.Yet there is a sense in which I do know her, or at least a portion of her.

She is dressed to kill, as women are wont to say,In the same breath as they are given to exclaiming:"It's to kill for ...." or "It's to die for ...."Infelicitous phrases, obnoxious meanings.

So I prefer to express it otherwise.She is dressed to be bought.I imagine the purchase being made with singleness of purpose:

If with the male, for the sake of his affairs;If by the female, for the reason of her wiles.

Yes, dressed to be bought.

© Colombo John Robert