A Small Moment

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I walk into the bakery next door 
To my apartment. They are about 
To pull some sort of toast with cheese 
From the oven. When I ask: 
What’s that smell? I am being 
A poet, I am asking 

What everyone else in the shop 
Wanted to ask, but somehow couldn’t; 
I am speaking on behalf of two other 
Customers who wanted to buy the 
Name of it. I ask the woman 
Behind the counter for a percentage 
Of her sale. Am I flirting? 
Am I happy because the days 
Are longer? Here’s what 

She does: She takes her time 
Choosing the slices. “I am picking 
Out the good ones,” she tells me. It’s 
April 14th.. Spring, with five to ten 
Degrees to go. Some days, I feel my duty; 
Some days, I love my work.

© Cornelius Eady