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Genius is the word for I've lost the joband my heart is breakfast.

Cat over moon and step where you please.Please--I've applied myself

teaching horse-see-monkey-do.It's ordinary to work at what we hate.

Dust by dust you accumulate a life.The proof is running to market

with a pig under its armballed up like underwear.

I'm not so gaudy and can't love any better.Who will I save next oh let me take a shower.

No gentler than my father.I'm sorry he beat you and I'm sorry I didn't wake.

But of all the places my brother can be foundsinging in his shrunken coat, I choose

your temple. Kiss your third eye.For hardly ever is it granted so easily.

With effort, the word is vulnerable.If the field must be divided, keep your shoes

and I'll take the motorcycle.We're already more people than we were

this morning. By that I mean I'm frightenedof your inner children. Keep calling them puppies

and you'll starve.I'm sorry about your grandmother.

When we're alone--that's it.They kept calling us puppets

and it only matters now.

© Currin Jen