Ghazal 2 ( With English Translation )

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Saaz Ya Keena Saaz Kya Jany’
Naz walay Niyaz kiya Jany'

Kab kisi Dar Pa Juba Sai Kee
Shakh Sahib Namaz Kya Janay’

Shama Roo Aap Ho Gay Laykin
Lutaf_e_Sooz_o_Gudaz Kaya Jany’

Jo Rahy Ishaq May’ N  Kadam Rakhay ‘N
Wo Nashaib_o_Faraz Kya Janay’

Poochye maksho’N say Lutif_e_Sharab,
Yah Mazay Pak Baz Kya Janay'

Hazerat_e_Khayzer Jab Shaheed Na Ho’n
Lutaf_e_umer_e_Daraz Kya Janay’

Jin Ko Apni Khaber Nahee’N Abtak,
Woh Maray Dil Ka Raz Kya Janay’

Jo Guzartay hay’N Daagh Par Sademay’N
Aap Banda Nawaz Kya Janay’

English Translation.

How can these envious people know about kind attitude? Their pride of beauty does not allow them to be humble.

O shaikh (saint) you have never bowed your head on your beloved’s doorstep, what you may know about how to perform your prayers?

Although your face is glowing bright like a candle but even then you cannot understand the delight of being burned in love.

Those who have started their love journey, they don’t care about the ups and downs (dilemma) of the path of love.

Ask from a drinker if you want to know the taste of wine. Sanctimonious people don’t have any idea about the delight of the taste of wine.

O Prophet Khyzer what good is this endless life of yours as your are not martyred (Who have achieved eternity)

The one who is not aware of herself, what possibly she may know about my heart’s secret (Love).

What great tragedies Dagh has suffered in his life, how a privileged person like you may know about that?

© Daagh Dehlvi