Anglosaxon Street

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Dawndrizzle ended dampness steams fromblotching brick and blank plasterwasteFaded housepatterns hoary and finickyunfold stuttering stick like a phonograph

Here is a ghetto gotten for goyimO with care denuded of nigger and kikeNo coonsmell rankles reeks only cellarrotOttar of carexhaust catcorpse and cookinggreaseImperial hearts heave in this havenCracks across windows are welded with slogansThere'll Always Be An England enhances geraniumsand V's for Victory vanquish the housefly

Hoy? with climbing sun march the bleached beldamesfestooned with shopping bags farded flatarchedbigthewed Saxonwives stepping over buttriverswaddling back wienerladen to suckle smallfry

Hoy! with sunslope shrieking over hydrantsflood from learninghall the lean fingerlingsNordic nobblecheeked not all clean of noseleaping Commandowise into leprous lanes

What! after whistleblow! spewed from wheelboatafter daylong doughtiness dire handplayin sewertrench or sandpit come SaxonthegnsJunebrown Jutekings jawslack for meat

Sit after supper on smeared doorstepsnot humbly swearing hatedeeds on Hunsprofiteers politicians pacifists Jews

Then by twobit magic to muse in movieunlock picturehoard or lope to alehallsoaking bleakly in beer skittlelessHome again to hotbox and humid husbandhoodin slumbertrough adding sleepily to AnglekinAlongside in lanenooks carling and lemancaterwaul and clip careless of Saxonrywith moonglow and haste and a higher heartbeat

Slumbers now slumtrack unstinks coolingwaiting brief for milkmaid mornstar and worldrise

© Earle Birney