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an arkfull she isof undulant creaturesa cinnamon bearcubcurled in a warm ballthinking of honey & berriesnuts roots or evengrass jelly for supper

a sturdy raccoon toowith marked eyes& dexterous forepawsvery frequent to bathe& a bandit of ice creamwho sleeps a lotwith one slow hindpawpoking most modestly out

or a shy bobcatcoloured olive-brownor maybe pale goldwith roundslipper-fur feeton which she sits very quietand so thoughtfulbeside her leafy plantsshe is sometimes invisiblethough very much there

she can be an ochresquirrel as wellsinuous & all compactalert & frisky& away & back like a dream& whatever creatureshe is its peaceful emissarymost faithful& most loving

© Earle Birney