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Edith Södergran

Born in April 4, 1892 / Died in June 24, 1923 / Finland / Swedish

Edith Södergran poet from Finland was born on April 4, 1892, had 31 years and died on June 24, 1923. Poems were written mainly in Swedish language. Dominant movement is modernism, realism.


Edith Irene Södergran (4 April 1892 – 24 June 1923) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish poet. She was one of the first modernists within Swedish-language literature and her influences came from French Symbolism, German expressionism and Russian futurism. At the age of 24 she released the first collection of poetry entitled Dikter ("Poems"). Södergran died at the age of 31, having contracted tuberculosis as a teenager, and did not live to experience the world wide appreciation of her poetry. Her poetry has influenced many lyrical poets and today Södergran is considered to have been one of the greatest modern Swedish poets. Södergran continues to influence Swedish poetry and musical lyrics, e.g. in the works of Mare Kandre, Gunnar Harding, Eva Runefelt and Eva Dahlgren.. Swedish-speaking Finnish poet