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Born in April 12, 1851 / Died in October 2, 1911 / Denmark / Danish


Blaumüller was the son of bookbinder John Julius Blaumüller. He graduated from Borgerdydskole in Christianshavn in 1870 and the following year philosophy course with distinction in all subjects. In 1876 he studied theology. In 1879 he became chaplain in Asminderød and in 1886 he resettled to Holy Spirit Church in Copenhagen, still as chaplain. As the church pastor Albert Schack sought transfer in 1908 moved Blaumüller up and took priest position. He was only allowed to serve for three years until his death in 1911.

Blaumüller got published articles in the newspaper of aesthetic and religious content. He also published poems in different places, the most famous is probably Agnete and the Merman in 1894

Blaumüller married in 1880 to Elisabeth Petra Aline Bondo, daughter of the then minister of Vallensbaek Niels Grim Bondo. He is buried in Western Cemetery in Copenhagen.