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Ernest Sando Emmerson

Born in 1870 / Died in 1919 / United States / English

Ernest Sando Emmerson poet from United States was born in 1870, had 49 years and died in 1919. Poems were written mainly in English language. Dominant movement is other.


Ernest Sando Emmerson father was a first cousin of the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, was born in Ballarat, Victoria, and became a journalist with the Brisbane Courier and a freelance writer and journalist. He published A Shanty Entertainment (1904, bush stories and poems) and An Australian Bird Calendar (1909, illustrated by Norman Lindsay).
E. S. Emerson was educated at Nell's School, Carlton, Melbourne. He joined the Brisbane Courier and served as a sub-editor. Emerson also did freelance writing for the Sydney Bulletin, the Lone Hand, the Sydney Mail and other journals. From August to November 1909 he edited the Port Denison Times before moving to Perth where he edited the West Australian Worker.