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Ernst Moritz Arndt

Born in December 26, 1769 / Died in January 29, 1860 / Germany / German

Ernst Moritz Arndt poet from Germany was born on December 26, 1769, had 90 years and died on January 29, 1860. Poems were written mainly in German language. Dominant movement is other.


Ernst Moritz Arndt (December 26, 1769 – January 29, 1860) was a German nationalistic and anti-semitic author and poet. Early in his life, he fought for the abolition of serfdom, later against Napoleonic dominance over Germany, and had to flee to Sweden for some time due to his anti-French positions. He is one of the main founders of German nationalism and the movement for German unification. After the Carlsbad Decrees, the forces of the restoration counted him as a demagogue and he was only rehabilitated in 1840.. German patriotic author and poet