Horace II, 13.

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O fountain of Blandusia,
  Whence crystal waters flow,
  With garlands gay and wine I'll pay
  The sacrifice I owe;
  A sportive kid with budding horns
  I have, whose crimson blood
  Anon shall die and sanctify
  Thy cool and babbling flood.

  O fountain of Blandusia,
  The dogstar's hateful spell
  No evil brings unto the springs
  That from thy bosom well;
  Here oxen, wearied by the plow,
  The roving cattle here,
  Hasten in quest of certain rest
  And quaff thy gracious cheer.

  O fountain of Blandusia,
  Ennobled shalt thou be,
  For I shall sing the joys that spring
  Beneath your ilex tree;
  Yes, fountain of Blandusia,
  Posterity shall know
  The cooling brooks that from thy nooks
  Singing and dancing go!

© Eugene Field