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Faye Kilday published her first book of inspirational poetry, With Love xxx, in 1996.

In 1999 she started publishing products that featured her inspirational poetry under the business name, Faye Kilday Inspirational Poetry.

Her first products were mini posters and greeting cards which she sold at craft fairs and then in gift shops.

In 2000 Faye was inspired to change the name of her business to Angel-Inspired Poetry and in the same year she published her first book of angel-inspired poetry, Angels Speaking. (Faye later realized that the poems in With Love xxx were also inspired by angels!)

Over the next few years Faye increased her product range to include bookmarks, wallet cards, Angel Guidance Cards and another book, Poems For Funerals & Those Who Grieve.

She was also a feature writer (poet) for an Australian-based spiritual magazine, Deja Vu, until the magazine ended in July 2003.

In August 2003 Faye decided to become an ePublisher and turn Angel-Inspired Poetry into an eBusiness.

She wanted to spend more time writing poems, and after reading a book about ePublishing she decided this was the direction her business should take (once again she heard the angels speaking and followed their guidance!).

ePublishing allows Faye to make her much-loved poems available to an international audience. It also allows her to sell her books as eBooks for a lot less than she could sell her books as paperbacks. And it allows her more time to fulfill her life purpose - writing angel-inspired poems!