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Flora Brovina

Born in September 30, 1949 / Yugoslavia / Albanian

Flora Brovina poet from Yugoslavia was born on September 30, 1949 has 70 years. Poems were written mainly in Albanian language. Dominant movement is other.


Flora Brovina (born September 30, 1949) is a Kosovar Albanian poet, pediatrician and women’s rights activist. She was born in the town of Srbica in the Drenica Valley of Kosovo, and was raised in Pristina, where she went to school and began studying medicine. After finishing her university studies in Zagreb, where she specialized in pediatrics, she returned to Kosovo and worked for a time as a journalist for the Albanian-language daily newspaper Rilindja. Soon thereafter, she returned to the health care profession and worked for many years in the Pediatrics Ward of the Pristina General Hospital.. Kosovar Albanian poet pediatrician and women’s rights activist