To Mrs. Norton

written by

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I never shall forget thee—'tis a word
  Thou oft nust hear, for surely there be none
  On whom thy wondrous eyes have ever shone
  But for a moment, or who e'er have heard
  Thy voice's deep impassioned melody,
  Can lose the memory of that look or tone.
  But, not as these, do I say unto thee,
  I never shall forget thee:—in thine eyes,
  Whose light, like sunshine, makes the world rejoice,
  A stream of sad and solemn splendour lies;
  And there is sorrow in thy gentle voice.
  Thou art not like the scenes in which I found thee,
  Thou art not like the beings that surround thee;
  To me thou art a dream of hope and fear;
  Yet why of fear?—oh sure! the Power that lent
  Such gifts, to make thee fair, and excellent;
  Still watches one whom it has deigned to bless
  With such a dower of grace and loveliness;
  Over the dangerous waves 'twill surely steer
  The richly freighted bark, through storm and blast,
  And guide it safely to the port at last.
  Such is my prayer; 'tis warm as ever fell
  From off my lips: accept it, and farewell!
  And though in this strange world where first I met thee,
  We meet no more—I never shall forget thee.

© Frances Anne Kemble