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Born in 1619 / Died in 1708 / France / French


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François de Maucroix, born in Noyon, (Oise) in 1619, died 1708, was a French poet and translator.

He was a long-time friend of La Fontaine; their mutual literary influence was very important, and it was to him that La Fontaine addressed The first book of fables (III), The Miller, his Son and the Ass.

He was ordained as a priest, and in the Spring of 1647, he purchased a prebendary. He remained canon of Rheims until his death in 1708.

Contrary to the popular legend, de Maucroix was not definitely a classmate of La Fontaine's at Chateau Thierry. Pierre Clarac has remarked that, at about the age of 25, while they were a part of the Knights of the Round Table (Literary Circle), who were a group of ('robins'?) who met from 1646 to discuss their works and diverse other subjects, that although being on first-name term with Pellison and Cassandre, Maucroix still used the more formal 'vous' when addressing La Fontaine. Some authors[who?] have theorised that they only met within The Knights.