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Born in January 17, 1706 / Died in April 17, 1790 / United States / English

Quotes by Benjamin Franklin

Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?
Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.
Laws too gentle are seldom obeyed; too severe, seldom executed.
All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.
Tomorrow, every Fault is to be amended; but that Tomorrow never comes.
I look upon death to be as necessary to our constitution as sleep. We shall rise refreshed in the morning.
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
There was never a good war, or a bad peace.
Many foxes grow gray but few grow good.
Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.
If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed.
Honesty is the best policy.
Marriage is the most natural state of man, and... the state in which you will find solid happiness.
Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.
No nation was ever ruined by trade.
Hunger is the best pickle.
Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.
How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.
He that raises a large family does, indeed, while he lives to observe them, stand a broader mark for sorrow; but then he stands a broader mark for pleasure too.
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
The first mistake in public business is the going into it.
If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.
A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one.
We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.
If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him.