Footlight Motifs

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Staccato, hurried, nervous, brisk,
  Cascading, intermittent, choppy,
The brittle voice of Mrs. Fiske
  Shall serve me now as copy.
Assist me, O my Muse, what time
I pen a bit of Deathless Rhyme!

Time was, when first that voice I heard,
  Despite my close and tense endeavour,
When many an important word
  Was lost and gone forever;
Though, unlike others at the play,
I never whispered: "wha'd'd she say?"

Some words she runstogetherso;
  Some others are distinctly stated;
Some cometoofast and s o m e  t o o  s l o w
  And some are syncopated.
And yet no voice--I am sincere--
Exists that I prefer to hear.

For what is called "intelligence"
  By every Mrs. Fiskeian critic
As usual is just a sense
  Of humour, analytic.
So any time I'm glad to frisk
  Two bones to witness Mrs. Fiske.


Olga Nethersole

I like little Olga,
  Her plays are so warm;
And if I don't see 'em,
  They'll do me no harm.

My Puritan training
  Has kept me from going
To dramas in which
  Little Olga was showing.

But I like little Olga,
  Her art is so warm;
And if I don't see her
  She'll do me no harm.

© Franklin Pierce Adams