If The Advertising Man Had Been Praed, Or Locker

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"C'est distingue," says Madame La Mode,
'Tis a fabric of subtle distinction.
For street wear it is superb.
The chic of the Rue de la Paix-
The style of Fifth Avenue-
The character of Regent Street-
All are expressed in this new fabric creation.
Leather-like, but feather-light-
It drapes and folds and distends to perfection.
And it may be had in dull or glazed,
Plain or grained, basket weave or moiréd surfaces!

-Advertisement of Pontine, in Vanity Fair.

"C'est distingue," says Madame La Mode.
Subtly distinctive as a fabric fair;
Nor Keats nor Shelley in his loftiest ode
Could thrum the line to tell how it will wear.

The flair, the chic, that is Rue de la Paix,
The style that is Fifth Avenue, New York.
The character of Regent Street in May-
As leather strong, yet light as any cork.
All these for her in this fair fabric clad.
(Light of my life, O thou my Genevieve!)
In surface dull or glazed it may be had-
In plain or grained, moiréd or basket weave.

© Franklin Pierce Adams