Thoughts In A Far Country

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I rise and applaud, in the patriot manner,
Whenever (as often) I hear
The palpitanat strains of "The Star Spangled Banner,"-
 I shout and cheer.

And also, to show my unbound devotion,
I jump to my feet with a "Whee!"
Whenever "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean"
 Is played near me.

My fervour's so hot and my ardour so searing-
I'm hoarse for a couple of days-
You've heard me, I'm positive, joyously cheering
 "The Marsailles"

I holler for "Dixie." I go off my noodle,
I whistle, I pound, and I stamp
Whenever an orchestra plays "Yankee Doodle,"
 Or "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp."

But if you would enter my confidence, reader,
Know that I'd go clean off my dome,
And madly embrace any orchestra leader
 For "Home, Sweet Home."

© Franklin Pierce Adams